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Hello, gorgeous!

Give Your Eyes the Wow Factor

with a Full Set of Professionally Applied Eyelash Extensions! Up to 140 Premium Lashes Individually Attached to Give You an Instantly Glamorous Look!


o    Eyelash Extensions is semi permanent, it gives your lashes longer, thicker and natural looking.​​

o    A single extension will be placed on each of your natural lashes and towards the outer edges

      the extensions will be doubled for a natural, full look!​

o    Your eyelash extensions take around an hour and a half to apply.​

o    We are using the highest quality Korean eyelash extensions and medical grade adhesives​​

o    Say goodbye to mascara and waking up with beautiful gorgeous eyelashes.

  • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (or 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D Eyelash Extensions)

  • Russian Volume Lash consists of applying multiple lash extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape.

  • The end result being a very full and natural looking set of eyelashes without compromising the condition of your natural lash.

  • In volume lash extensions we use light and very fine lashes (5mm – 10mm) with approx 300 eyelashes applied per eye.

  • You are in the best hands when it comes to decorating the windows of your souls.


  • Indulge in this sensational facial. Not only is it a relaxing treatment but it also delivers real results customised to your specific needs and concerns.

  • Express Facial

      Included cleanse, steam, exfoliation and

      prescriptive mask

  • Anti Ageing Facial

      Facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation.

      Includes facial, neck, shoulders, head


      Anti Ageing mask & Eye lift treatment.

      Also use our ultrasonic machine to 

      penetrate serum into the skin.

  • Deluxe facial

     The Deluxe Facial treatment works to combat the  

     ravages of time and the damaging effects of the

     environment to preserve your skin’s youthful

     appearance, resulting in soft, smooth, and firm

     complexion that is luminous from the inside out.


  • Includes Facial cleanse, steam, facial massage, exfoliation relaxing.

  • Neck, shoulders, scalp massage, prescriptive mask and eyes treatment.

Salon 26 Nails & Beauty is providing personalised treatments and services to help all clients feel good inside and out.


o Award-Winning Shellac nail polish guarantees brilliant

   result 14+ days wear with mirror shine and zero dry time.​​

o Wear like gel, looks and feel like polish​. No chip, No smudge​​.

o Natural nails remain healthy and damage free.​


SNS-The Next Generation in Nail Enhancement Technology Revel Nail Dip Powders FEEL and LOOK Natural and DO NOT DAMAGE the nail bed.


  • Light Weight & Flexible - Strong & Durable

  • Non-Toxic & Odor-Free - Non-Porous

  • Comfortable - Forever Shine

  • Non-Yellowing - No Primer

  • Maintenance-Free - Crack & Chip Resistant

  • Water Resistant - Environmentally Friendly

  • Calcium and Vitamin E Fortified


o    Acrylic nails are for those people who bite or do not have strong, healthy nails.

o    The acrylic nail is placed on the end of your natural nail, making them the length of your


o    A thin layer of acrylic is then applied over the top giving your nails a long and natural

      looking appearance.​



o    The treatment includes

      a softening hand soak, nail trim or shape, cuticle work, moisturizing and

      relaxing massage your hand, as well as buff & shine. Then apply your

      chosen quality nail polish and high gloss chip-resistant top coat.​​

o    Our Deluxe Manicure includes a shooting hand Mask treatment to

      replenish and rejuvenate your hands.​

  • It includes a romantic foot soak, nail trim and shape, cuticle work.

  • Exfoliating the dry and dead skin cell or callused.

  • You will be indulged with the foot massage as well as buff and shine.

  • Then apply 2 coats of glamour nail polish and a high gloss chip-resistant top coat.

  • With deluxe pedicure includes a warm soothing mask treatment.

  • At SALON26  we have a wide range of waxing available. We can help you with waxing from your eyebrows to your legs...or perhaps something more daring with a cheeky Brazilian Wax!

  • Provide the latest techniques and products for your treatments.

  • Professional hair removal using high quality non-reusable wax, disposable applicators and the use of gloves as standard hygienic leaving you with soft, smooth skin.

  • We offer a variety of the highest quality of spray tan with NO ORANGE TONES for a completely natural and sun kissed glow.

  • Naked Tan 2hrs

  • The world first 2 hours wash ‘n’ wear spray tan.

  • Black Magic 2 - 8 hrs

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