Hello, gorgeous!

Give Your Eyes the Wow Factor

with a Full Set of Professionally Applied Eyelash Extensions!

Up to 140 Premium Lashes Individually Attached to Give You

an Instantly Glamorous Look!

o    Eyelash Extensions is semi permanent, it gives your lashes longer, thicker            and natural looking.​​

o    A single extension will be placed on each of your natural lashes and towards          the outer edges the extensions will be doubled for a natural, full look!​

o    Your eyelash extensions take around an hour and a half to apply.​

o    We are using the highest quality Korean eyelash extensions and medical                grade adhesives​​

o    Say goodbye to mascara and waking up with beautiful gorgeous eyelashes.

  • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (or 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D Eyelash Extensions)

  • Russian Volume Lash consists of applying multiple lash extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape.

  • The end result being a very full and natural looking set of eyelashes without compromising the condition of your natural lash.

  • In volume lash extensions we use light and very fine lashes (5mm – 10mm) with approx 300 eyelashes applied per eye.

  • You are in the best hands when it comes to decorating the windows of your souls.

o Award-Winning Shellac nail polish guarantees brilliant

   result 14+ days wear with mirror shine and zero dry time.​​

o Wear like gel, looks and feel like polish​. No chip, No smudge​​.

o Natural nails remain healthy and damage free.​

SNS-The Next Generation in Nail Enhancement Technology Revel Nail Dip Powders FEEL and LOOK Natural and DO NOT DAMAGE the nail bed.


  • Light Weight & Flexible - Strong & Durable

  • Non-Toxic & Odor-Free - Non-Porous

  • Comfortable - Forever Shine

  • Non-Yellowing - No Primer

  • Maintenance-Free - Crack & Chip Resistant

  • Water Resistant - Environmentally Friendly

  • Calcium and Vitamin E Fortified

o    Acrylic nails are for those people who bite or do not have strong,                  healthy nails.

o    The acrylic nail is placed on the end of your natural nail, making them             the length of your choice.​

o    A thin layer of acrylic is then applied over the top giving your nails a               long and natural looking appearance.​

o    The treatment includes

      a softening hand soak, nail trim or shape, cuticle work, moisturizing and

      relaxing massage your hand, as well as buff & shine. Then apply your

      chosen quality nail polish and high gloss chip-resistant top coat.​​

o    Our Deluxe Manicure includes a shooting hand Mask treatment to

      replenish and rejuvenate your hands.​

  • It includes a romantic foot soak, nail trim and shape, cuticle work.

  • Exfoliating the dry and dead skin cell or callused.

  • You will be indulged with the foot massage as well as buff and shine.

  • Then apply 2 coats of glamour nail polish and a high gloss chip-resistant top coat.

  • With deluxe pedicure includes a warm soothing mask treatment.

  • At SALON26  we have a wide range of waxing available.

  • We can help you with waxing from your eyebrows to your legs...or perhaps something more daring with a cheeky Brazilian Wax!

  • Provide the latest techniques and products for your treatments.

  • Professional hair removal using high quality non-reusable wax, disposable applicators and the use of gloves as standard hygienic leaving you with soft, smooth skin.

  • We offer a variety of the highest quality of spray tan with NO ORANGE TONES for a completely natural and sun kissed glow.

  • Naked Tan 2hrs

  • The world first 2 hours wash ‘n’ wear spray tan.

  • Black Magic 2 - 8 hrs


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